Music offers a common language of connection, solace, healing and belonging. A powerful, liberating, comforting and healing force, music has given me a voice even at times when there seemed to be no words. Through music, I have been able to give and receive in astounding ways. I have chosen these particular songs because they echo aspects of the human journey; the resilience, frailty and strength of the human spirit, the longing for comfort, the need to belong and the search for connection. I hope this album touches your soul……

I owe much gratitude to the many people who have contributed to this CD in direct and indirect ways. Their friendship, example, inspiration, belief, support, challenge and encouragement have given me the courage to follow my dream and believe that my voice can truly make a difference. Specifically, I would like to thank Fr. Pat O Donoghue and the Dublin Diocesan Music Group for their generosity in time and musical support, their encouragement, enthusiasm and fun over the years. I would like to thank Liam Lawton for his sound advice and support and for composing "Shelter Me" for this album. Last but not least I would like to thank Mark Cahill, whose arrangements of the tracks, musical expertise and direction along with his honesty, generosity of spirit and passion for music has helped me to bring these songs to life.

Patricia Bourke - Echoes in Time
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